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Modifying a Shell
After you have created a new shell from a parent shell, you can modify individual sections of that shell independently to construct a new shell.
To modify a shell
1. As system administrator: Administration Dashboard > User Interface > Shell Administration.
2. To modify a shell, click the Tools icon and then click Properties.
3. If you want to change the display name for the shell, in the Display Name field, type a new name for the shell.
4. If you want to change the parent shell from which to take the various shell sections, in the Parent list, choose the parent shell. The list contains shells that currently exist on the server.
5. For each shell section, choose the parent or source for the section from among these choices:
Choose this option...
To do this...
To use the shell section from the shell chosen in the Parent Shell field.
Portal Page
(Not available for the Titlebar shell section.) To use the content of an existing folder for the shell section, move the folder to the Selected Items box and then click Select.
(Titlebar shell section only.) To use an existing portlet, move the portlet to the Selected Items box and then click Select.
6. For shell sections that you want to edit, take one of the following actions:
To accomplish this...
Do this...
Edit a shell section inherited from another shell
With the Inherited option selected, click Clone from Parent.
The server creates a folder based on the inherited shell section.
Edit an existing folder used as a shell section
With the Portal Page option selected, make sure the name of the target folder is displayed.
Within the server, you cannot edit portlets. You need to use Software AG Designer.
7. Click Edit.
The folder that represents the shell section opens in edit mode.
8. Modify the shell section just as you would any other folder.
9. Click Save.
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