Dynamic Apps Platform : Working with Dynamic Apps Platform : Configuring the Dynamic Apps Platform Design-Time Environment : Configuring Single Sign-On
Configuring Single Sign-On
Configure Single Sign-On in AgileApps Cloud
Configure a SAML Service Provider in My webMethods Server
Configure the useSAMLResponse Property in the My webMethods Server custom_wrapper.conf File
Verifying the Single Sign-On Configuration
Perform the following tasks to configure single sign-on (SSO) between AgileApps Cloud and Business Console, using My webMethods Server as an identity provider. You must configure SSO in AgileApps Cloud before configuring SSO in My webMethods Server.
1. Configure SSO in AgileApps Cloud
2. Configure SSO in My webMethods Server.
a. Configure a SAML service provider.
b. Configure the useSAMLResponse property in the custom_wrapper.conf file.
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