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Configure a SAML Service Provider in My webMethods Server
To configure a SAML service provider in My webMethods Server
1. As system administrator, go to Folders > Administrative Folders > Administration Dashboard > Configuration > SAML SP Registration > Register New SP.
2. Specify values for the following fields:
Service Provider Name
The name of the service provider, usually the AgileApps Cloud domain.
SAML Issuer Identifier
The AgileApps Cloud domain.
Default Relay State
The value of the ticket generated when configuring SSO in AgileApps Cloud in the Platform Authentication Service URL field on the Single Sign-On page. For example, if the ticket portion of the URL is ticket=fffhlhfdhduhf, copy fffhlhfdhduhf and paste it in the Default Relay State field.
SAML Response Consumer Endpoint
The value of the Assertion Consumer Service EndPoint field on the Single Sign-On page in AgileApps.
3. Ensure that the attribute values in the Attributes section match the attribute values that you specified in the Create Users section on the Single Sign-On page in AgileApps Cloud.
4. Click Submit.
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