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Configure Single Sign-On in AgileApps Cloud
To configure single sign-on in AgileApps Cloud
1. Go to Gear Icon > Account Management > Single Sign-On Settings.
2. Specify values for the following fields:
Sign-On Using
The hostname and port number of My webMethods Server, for example http://myserver:8585.
SAML Third party authentication URL
The My webMethods Server SAML authentication URL in the form of http://hostname:port/SAMLSSOService, where hostname and port are the hostname and port of My webMethods Server, for example http://myserver:8585/SAMLSSOService.
SAML Request Issuer URL
Your AgileApps domain URL, for example https://mycompany.aal.com
Create Users
Optional. Select this option if you want to create new users, and then specify values for the related attribute fields.
Paste Issuer Certificate
Add the My webMethods Server SSL certificate.
Configuration Example
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