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Configuring Process Debug Preferences
To configure Process Debug preferences
1. In Designer: Window > Preferences > Software AG  >  Process Development  > Process Debug
2. You can configure the following Process Debug preferences:
Automatically expand the pipeline
When you click a row in the Trace view, the Pipeline Data view displays the output data for the selected step. You can set the Pipeline Data view's display to automatically expand or not, or to prompt you to choose each time.
Choose Always, Never, or Prompt. Default is Always.
Automatically enable process when debugging
Check this box to automatically enable processes when debugging them. If this box is not checked, you must enable processes manually in My webMethods Server in order to debug them, or use the Designer Build & Upload preference to enable the process when it is built and uploaded. See Configuring Build and Upload Preferences.
Restore previous process state after debugging
This option is only available when Automatically enable process when debugging is enabled. Check this box to disable processes that were automatically enabled for debugging after you have finished debugging them.
Peak Memory Use (percent)
Enter the maximum percentage of Designer memory a Process Debugging session will be allowed to consume. The default value is 100.
After the threshold is reached, Designer prompts you to decide whether to end the debugger session. If you choose to end the session, the Process Debugger adds a row to the Trace view. If you choose not to end the session, the Process Debugging session will continue to prompt you as long as Designer's memory consumption remains at the threshold set for the Peak Memory Use (percent) preference.
You can change the Peak Memory Use (percent) threshold at any time during a debugging session. You might choose to do this to prevent the prompt from recurring if you decide to continue a session that consumes a higher percentage of Designer memory than currently set in Preferences.
3. To apply default preferences on a page, click Restore Defaults.
4. Do one of the following:
*Click Apply to save your changes and keep the Preferences window open.
*Click OK to save your changes and close the Preferences window.
*Click Cancel to close the Preferences window without saving your changes.
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