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Modifying Input Data
Loading Input Data
Saving Input Data
About the Pipeline Data View
When you debug a process, you can modify the input data in order to test alternative behaviors. You can do this when you configure a Debug Configuration, when you start debugging, and also during debugging. You can save input data to a file, and you can load input data from a file. These files are stored in .xml format.
By default, the Debug Configuration uses the data on the Process Inputs tab if it exists. Default input data is optional. You can enter input data directly in the Enter input for document name dialog box or load it from a file. For more information, see Creating a Process Debug Configuration and Loading Input Data.
You can edit the input pipeline for one or more eligible steps, one at a time. The modified data is saved in the Process Engine database and used when the step is executed. Editing the input pipeline does not affect the default step selection.
To modify input data during debugging
1. In the process editor, right-click an eligible step whose input data you want to modify.
2. Click Edit input data.
3. Enter input data directly in the Enter input for document name dialog box or click Load to load it from a file.
4. Click OK to resume debugging with the modified data.
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