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Creating a Process Debug Configuration
Before you can debug a process, you must create a Process Debug Configuration for it. After you have defined a configuration, you can start a debug session based on it. You can start a debug session from the Debug Configuration dialog box, or by accessing an existing configuration from the Debug menu.
To create a Process Debug Configuration
1. Click Run > Debug Configurations to open the Debug Configurations dialog box.
You can press the F11 key on your keyboard to start a debugging session. For more information about keyboard shortcuts, see Using Keyboard Shortcuts.
2. Click to select Process Debug in the tree.
3. Click to select an existing Debug Configuration, or click New launch configuration to create a new one.
To quickly access existing Debug Configurations, click the menu () button next to the Debug button () on the main toolbar. Designer displays a list of recently used configurations from which you can select.
4. On the Process tab, select the Project and Process you want to debug.
5. Click the Process Inputs tab to provide optional default input data for any associated Integration Server documents. For more information, see Loading Input Data.
6. Select the Prompt for data at launch check box to be prompted for input data each time you use this configuration.
This setting applies only to the current Debug Configuration.
7. Do one of the following:
*Click Apply to save the Debug Configuration.
*Click Debug to save the Debug Configuration and start debugging the specified process with it.
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