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Migrating Process Models with Join Steps to Version 9.7 and Later
Suppressing a Join Failure (Deprecated)
Ignoring a Dead Path Notification (Deprecated)
This section of the documentation applies only to users who are migrating process models with join steps from Process Engine version 8.x through version 9.6 to Process Engine version 9.7 and later.
In version 8.x through version 9.6, join steps featured two optional settings:
*Suppress join failure
*Ignore dead path notification
In version 9.7, significant advancements were made in Process Engine join handling. Although these optional settings have not been eliminated from the product, the two settings are deprecated and are no longer recommended.
The primary reason for deprecating the use of these options is that they enable a process to be created and implemented in such a way that the behavior of the model in the run time provides misleading or undesired results.
For example, by suppressing a join failure, a process model can actually run to an apparently successful completion, despite the presence of a transition failure within the process. Similarly, ignoring a dead path notification can cause a process instance to appear to be running when it is actually waiting for a transition that will never arrive.
The settings continue to be available on the Joins tab in the Properties view of a join step, although they are deprecated and hidden by default under the label Deprecated properties (Not recommended). As the label states, these options are not recommended for use.
For more information, see:
*Suppressing a Join Failure (Deprecated)
*Ignoring a Dead Path Notification (Deprecated)
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