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Ignoring a Dead Path Notification (Deprecated)
This join option is deprecated and is not recommended for use. In rare instances it might be applicable in certain business cases or for compatibility in models imported from previous versions. For more information, see Migrating Process Models with Join Steps to Version 9.7 and Later.
Select this check box to ignore notification that a step providing a join input has failed and that the incoming transition will never be completed (that is, it is a dead path). In general, this is not good process design practice.
If you have process models from an earlier version and you regenerate them with Designer version 8.0 and later, you may find that the dead path notification behavior introduced in version 8.0 causes your older process model to behave unexpectedly.
In earlier versions, the join step would continue to wait indefinitely for the failed transition, which required a join timeout value to be set for each join step. For more information, see About Dead Path Notification and Join Steps, and How Incomplete Transitions Affect Join Steps and Gateways.
You can configure a join step or gateway in a version 8.0 or later process model to ignore the dead path notification and exhibit the behavior of the earlier versions. In such a case, you must have a join timeout specified for the step. Otherwise, if you apply the Ignore dead path notification option without a join timeout, the process will wait indefinitely for an input that will never arrive.
To ignore a dead path notification
1. In the process editor, click a step that contains a join to select the step.
2. Click the Joins page in the Properties view.
3. Expand the label Deprecated properties (Not recommended).
4. Select the Ignore dead path notification check box.
5. Save the process.
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