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Suppressing a Join Failure (Deprecated)
This join option is deprecated and is not recommended for use. In rare instances it might be applicable in certain business cases or for compatibility in models imported from previous versions. For more information, see Migrating Process Models with Join Steps to Version 9.7 and Later.
Steps with OR, AND, or COMPLEX join behavior can be optionally configured to suppress a join failure (join failures are not suppressed by default). When you suppress a join failure, you prevent the step from following a boundary intermediate error event transition (if one exists), thus enabling the process to continue running despite the join failure. In general, this is not good process design practice.
When a join failure is suppressed, the processing path containing the step comes to an end, resulting in an incomplete transition, or dead path, for any downstream steps that expect it to provide an input. Also, if you specify an Unsatisfied Join transition and select the Suppress Join Failure check box, the Suppress Join Failure option takes precedence, and the Unsatisfied Join transition is not taken.
To suppress a join failure
1. In the process editor, click a step that contains a join to select the step.
2. Click the Joins page in the Properties view.
3. Expand the label Deprecated properties (Not recommended).
4. Select the Suppress Join Failure check box.
5. Save the process.
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