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About Importing and Exporting Processes
Importing Designer Processes
Exporting Designer Processes
Importing Modeler Processes
Importing XPDL Processes
Exporting XPDL Processes
You can import Designer processes from Designer process files and you can export Designer processes to Designer process files or XPDL files. You can also import XPDL and Modeler 6.x processes into Designer.
XPDL files exported from Designer are compatible with ARIS Architect, and can be imported there. See Process Integration with ARIS.
You can  Import and  Export files in the Solutions view as well, using the buttons in the view. See Importing and Exporting Assets from the Solutions View.
There is a .config file associated with the .process file. It is recommended that you manage the process using the Solutions view, which automatically handles these two files together. See About the Solutions View.
Designer can format imported XPDL processes to match the tools used to create them, and can create process simulations directly from imported XPDL files that contain simulation information. It can also create a single process model from multiple XPDL elements. Designer supports XPDL 2.2, which is backward-compatible with XPDL 2.1, 2.0, and 1.0.
The Designer Process Simulation feature must be installed to create a process simulation.
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