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Importing Modeler Processes
Modeler to Designer Conversions
You can import Modeler 6.x processes into Designer. To access the process or processes you want to import, either connect to the Modeler design server (the Integration Server that contains the WmModeler package) or specify the location of the Modeler 6.x client installation with an offline model.
To import a Modeler 6.x process into Designer
1. In Designer: File > Import > Software AG  >  Modeler 6.x process models
2. Select the import Mode:
*Connect to Design Server (default)
3. Do one of the following:
*In Connect to Design Server mode, enter the Server, User, and Password.
*In Offline mode, enter the User, and then Browse to select the Modeler 6.x Installation Directory to access the repository file where the offline model is stored.
The repository file in Modeler exists only if Offline mode has been used at least once.
4. Click Next.
5. In the Select Process Models to be imported window, select the process or processes to import.
6. Click Finish to perform the import.
Designer displays the number of selected processes, upgraded processes, and errors.
A summary of the import process is saved in the ModelUpgradeLog.txt file, which is located in your workspace at <workspace_name>\.metadata\plugins\com.process.webmethods.upgrade.impl\logs
7. Click View Upgrade Log to open ModelUpgradeLog.txt in Designer, or click OK to exit.
After you import a Modeler 6.x process, check to make sure all referenced documents and services exist on the specified Integration Server for each step.
When you import Modeler 6.x steps with external subscription documents, Designer creates two steps: a receive step and an activity step; the receive step is configured to use the subscription document. In Modeler 6.x, you could define a complex join condition based on the arrival of the subscription document, like Receive-OrderDoc OR Transition-from-Step2. Designer adds extra flow steps after the receive steps to keep the complex join condition intact.
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