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Exporting Designer Processes
You can export a Designer process file.
To export a Designer process file
1. In Designer: File > Export > Software AG  >  Process File.
2. Click Next.
3. In the Process File Export window, select the files you want to export:
*If you want to select multiple processes in a process project, select the check box corresponding to the process project on the left to select the entire process project on the right. Click the .project file to clear the check box; only .process files can be exported.
*If you want to select one or more process files manually, without selecting the entire process project on the left, select the name of the process project and then select the boxes corresponding to the process files you want on the right. If you want to remove a check mark, select the box again to clear it.
4. When you have selected the files for export, click Browse to select the directory in your file system where you want to place the exported files.
5. If you want Designer to Overwrite existing files without warning, select the check box in the Options section. The option is not enabled by default.
6. Click Finish.
If you select anything besides process files for export, when you click Finish, Designer will prompt you to remove the non-process files before you can complete the export.
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