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About Correlation Services
You can create a correlation service in Software AG Designer as a flow service, using the specification pub.prt:CorrelationService. The correlation service identifies specifically named IS documents and routes them to a specific running instance of the process model.
All documents bound for the same instance of the process must use the same correlation ID. Similarly, correlation IDs must be unique across all process instances.
In addition, the following related services are available:
*pub.prt.correlate:deleteCorrelation. Deletes all mappings between the specified process instance ID and any correlation IDs or conversation IDs.
*pub.prt.correlate:establishCorrelation. Sets up a correlation between a correlation ID and a process ID or between a conversation ID (for a Trading Networks document) and a process ID.
*pub.prt.correlate:lookupCorrelation. Returns the process instance ID that is associated with the specified correlation ID or conversation ID. If no association exists, creates a new process instance ID and mapping.
To create a correlation service, you should be familiar with flow services, business logic, and the data mapping functionality available in Software AG Designer. Essentially, you create a new, empty flow service and associate it with the specification pub.prt:CorrelationService.
For additional information, see the webMethods Service Development Help.
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