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WmPRT. Sets up a correlation between a correlation ID and a process ID or between a conversation ID (for a Trading Networks document) and a process ID.
Input Parameters
String The correlation ID or conversation ID that you want to map to the specified process instance ID.
String Process instance ID that you want to map to the specified correlation ID or conversation ID.
String Optional. Flag indicating the type of ID that you supplied.
*IS — Default. This is a correlation ID.
*TN — This is a Trading Networks conversation ID.
Output Parameters
String Flag indicating whether the mapping took place. The following values apply:
*true — The mapping was successfully established.
*false — The mapping could not be established.
Usage Notes
The Process Engine automatically establishes these mappings when Trading Networks or IS documents are used to start processes, or when a Trading Networks document is output from a running process. Use this service when there is no way for the Process Engine to determine the mapping itself (for example, when a process starts with an IS document and then waits for a Trading Networks document).
Use this service with care. Be sure to create correct mappings; an invalid mapping could prevent other processes from completing successfully.
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