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WmPRT. Returns the process instance ID that is associated with the specified correlation ID or conversation ID. If no association exists, creates a new process instance ID and mapping.
Input Parameters
String Correlation ID or conversation ID for which you want to return the process instance ID.
String Optional. Flag indicating whether ProcessCorrelationID specifies a correlation ID or a conversation ID. The following values apply:
*IS — Default. ProcessCorrelationID is a correlation ID for an IS document.
*TNProcessCorrelationID is a Trading Networks conversation ID for a Trading Networks document.
Output Parameters
String Conditional. The process instance ID mapped to the specified correlation ID or conversation ID (if any).
String Flag indicating whether a process instance ID was returned. The following values apply:
*true — A process instance ID was found or created and returned.
*false— A process instance ID was not returned because the correlation ID or conversation ID was not established.
Usage Notes
Use this service to check on mappings that were established with previous calls to pub.prt.correlate:establishCorrelation or, under certain circumstances, to check on the existence of a process with a particular correlation ID or conversation ID.
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