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What Are Skins?
How Skins Use Inheritance
Choosing How Much Customization to Use
How Do I Know What to Modify?
The look and feel of a page is encapsulated in a skin. You can associate a skin with a particular user or group, in which case they view the contents of a page using that skin. You can associate a skin with a particular folder hierarchy. All users who view pages within that hierarchy view them using the skin.
When you customize a skin, you can modify its look, such as to:
*Brand the page with your own corporate logo
*Change the color scheme to match your corporate colors
*Adopt a look and feel similar to the one used within your company
As a system administrator, you can perform simple customization of skin properties (images, colors, and fonts) using the Skin Administration page of My webMethods Server. To perform more sophisticated customization, you need to directly edit the components that define the skin.
My webMethods Server offers a variety of ways to configure personalization rules that dictate what skin is displayed for a given user, group, or resource. See Managing Skin Rules.
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