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Managing Skin Rules
Creating Skin Rules
A skin is an installable My webMethods Server component that defines the look and feel of the My webMethods Server user interface. A skin modifies the images, fonts, colors, and other subtle stylable aspects of HTML content, but it does not modify the HTML content in any functional way.
A developer creates new custom skins to accomplish many different functions. Some of these include:
*Branding the server with corporate, partner, or departmental logos.
*Aligning the color scheme with corporate, partner, or departmental colors.
Developers create skins with the Skin Administration page and customize them as needed. For more information about how to customize skins, see Customizing Skins.
My webMethods Server offers a variety of ways to configure personalization rules that dictate what skin is displayed for a given user, group, or resource. You can explicitly assign a particular skin to a specific user or set up rules that dynamically assign a skin based on a variety of criteria.
The Manage Skin Rules page allows you to define rules that dictate what skins can be used by users, groups, or roles. This page allows a system administrator to create, modify, or remove rules, and change the evaluation order of a list of rules that are evaluated for each user every time the user logs in.
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