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How Skins Use Inheritance
A skin can inherit properties from a parent skin. When you create a customized skin, first make a copy of an existing skin. Through inheritance, you need only identify the ways the custom skin is different from its parent.
Inheritance for skins follows these rules:
*A skin can have only one parent, but the parent skin can also have a parent. In this way, a skin could have a list of ancestors from which it inherits properties.
*A parent skin can have any number of children that inherit properties from it.
*Each skin has a skin.properties.xml file that lists the properties the skin does not inherit from its parent. In turn, if this skin has a child skin, the child inherits these modified properties.
*The skin.properties.xml file also can contain a "parent" property that identifies the parent of the skin.
*In addition to the properties in the skin.properties.xml file, a child also inherits the stylesheets and HTML fragments of the parent skin.
*If a skin does not have a parent identified in the skin.properties.xml file, it inherits the properties of the My webMethods Server default skin, which is identified by the skin.default alias.
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