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Controlling Login IP Ranges
Deploying the Lockdown Portlet
Configuring the Lockdown Portlet
Disabling the Lockdown Portlet in My webMethods Server
Disabling the Lockdown Portlet Manually
You can use the Lockdown portlet to control the IP ranges from which users are allowed to log in to My webMethods Server. Up to four different IP ranges are allowed. The portlet does not take into account the credentials of the person logging in or any authentication mechanism. Upon being unable to log in, the user is redirected to an error page of your choosing. This portlet is useful for a site that allows guest access only, or one that is to be access only from a secure location.
If you make an error in configuring IP ranges, you may not be able to log in to correct the problem. To correct the problem, you need to have physical access to the machine on which My webMethods Server is running.
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