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Disabling the Lockdown Portlet Manually
If you cannot log in to My webMethods Server as system administrator, you need to have physical access to the machine on which My webMethods Server is installed, and modify the portal.properties file. Everything in this file is set as a system property, read after the My webMethods Server starts but prior to initialization of portlets.
To disable the Lockdown portlet manually
1. On the machine where My webMethods Server is installed, locate this file:
\ Software AG_directory \MWS\server\serverName\config\portal.properties
2. Open the portal.properties file in an editor and add the following line at the end of the file:
For example, with a descriptive comment included:
# Lockdown Portlet
3. Restart My webMethods Server.
After you have corrected the IP address range problem, you cannot reactivate the Lockdown portlet until you remove this line from the portal.properties file.
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