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Configuring the Lockdown Portlet
After the Lockdown Portlet is deployed, you can configure it for use.
To configure the Lockdown portlet on My webMethods Server
1. As system administrator, click Administration > Folders > System > Portlets > Administration > Portal Lockdown Administration.
2. For the Error page property, find a page to which users are redirected if they fail to log in by doing one of the following:
Click this...
And do this...
Move the target page to the Selected Items box and click Select.
Use Alias
In the Alias Name field, type the alias of the page to which the user should be redirected. Click Test to determine if the alias is valid and the alias target is the correct one. If the alias is correct, click Select.
3. (Optional) In the E-mail Address for Login Notification field, type an email address to which My webMethods Server should send a notification if a login is attempted from a disallowed IP address.
4. Specify up to four IP ranges from which users are allowed to log into My webMethods Server.
For each range, provide a value in the Start IP Range and End IP Range fields.
5. On the Is Active field, choose the True option.
6. Click Submit.
The lockdown is in effect immediately.
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