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Collaborating Task Activities
Creating an Instant Task
Managing Your Task Inbox
In Activity Stream, users can share comments, post attachment, view activities related to a task type or task instance. Activity Stream displays the activities related to the task type selected in Work Stream. The table below lists the operations you can perform in Activity Stream.
Refresh content in Activity Stream to view the latest changes.
Post a global comment or task-specific comment.
Create an instant task.
Attach one or more files to the task. You can attach up to three files to a task. The size of each file attachment must be less than 20MB.
Apply task management actions to the selected task. For more information, see Task Actions.
Show older posts in Activity Stream.
Reply to a comment made for a task type.
Draft an email in the E-mail dialog box and send an email to the user, who wrote the comment.
Remove a comment from a task.
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