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Managing Your Task Inbox
In the Task Inbox tab on Business Console title bar, you can view the tasks grouped by task type.
Operations you can perform in task inbox:
Perform these steps...
View tasks grouped by task type
From the Task Inbox drop down menu, select My Inbox to view the tasks assigned to you, or select one of the saved searches to view the tasks for which you have permission to view.
Filter tasks
Select a task filter from the left panel.
Search for tasks instances of a task type
Provide the task ID on the task search field or use saved searches. For more information, see Searching for Task Instances.
View task detail and perform actions
Click the task ID corresponding to the task instance in the task list. See Task Instance Operations.
View the unaccepted tasks
Click on the Business Console title bar.
View the tasks expiring today
Click on the title bar.
Configure the task list columns
Select Configure Columns from the Settings menu. You can configure to view the business data too.
Schedule task delegation
Select Schedule Delegation from the Settings menu.
Set a task list as the default landing page
Select Set This As Landing Page from the Settings menu.
Accept tasks
Click Accept corresponding to the task in the task list.
Perform these actions on a task:
*Assign To
*Accept For
*Set Status
*Remove Delegation
*Create Instant Task
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