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Searching for Tasks using My Calendar
You can use My Calendar to search for tasks based on their date property.
To search tasks
1. Click on My Calendar.
The Calendar Settings dialog box appears.
2. Specify the following fields:
Task Type
A task type for the tasks.
Saved Search
A search criteria for searching tasks. For example, all tasks or critical tasks in the selected task type.
Filter Fields
A date property for searching tasks. For example, creation date, last updated date, accepted date, or expiry date of tasks.
3. To view tasks that are assigned only to you in the search results, select the Show Only My Tasks check box.
4. To add more task types to search, click .
You can click to remove task types.
5. Click Submit.
Depending on the searched tasks, dates appear in blue color on My Calendar. You can click the date to view related tasks and send task reminders.
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