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Managing Cases
Configuring AgileApps as a Service Provider to Access Cases
Case List Operations
Case Instance Operations
Case Properties
Claiming Cases
Assigning Cases
Adding Activities to Case Instances
Case Actions
Starting Cases
Customizing Case Keylinks
Searching for Case Instances
Collaborating Case Activities
Case types are listed in Work Stream. The case list for each case type displays cases based on your roles and privileges.
Case types are defined in AgileApps Cloud. For more information, see the AgileApps Cloud documentation.
Only users with AgileApps Cloud role membership can work on cases in Business Console. For more information, see Assigning AgileApps Cloud Roles to Users. Alternatively, to view and manage cases in Business Console, you can configure AgileApps Cloud as a Service Provider in My webMethods Server. For more information, see Configuring AgileApps as a Service Provider to Access Cases.
You can filter cases in the case list using case keylinks on the case type bar. For more information on customizing case keylinks, see Customizing Case Keylinks. You can also use the search field to search for cases in the case list. For more information, see Searching for Case Instances.
You can perform actions on a case in the case list or in the case details page. For more information, see Case Actions.
To perform actions on a case using:
*Case list. See Case List Operations.
*Case details page. See Case Instance Operations.
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