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Adding Activities to Case Instances
Actions in a Case Activity
The Activities panel in the case details page allows you to add activities to a case. For information about how to perform actions on an activity associated with a case, see Actions in a Case Activity.
To add activities to a case
1. Locate the case type in Work Stream.
2. Click on the case type bar.
3. Click the case number corresponding to the case instance in the case list.
The case details page appears.
4. Click the toggle switch on the left side vertical bar to show the Activities panel.
5. Click to add a new activity.
The Add New Activity dialog appears.
6. Select one of the following:
*Single Step. This option allows you to create the new activity with minimum details.
*Activity Form. This option allows you to specify more details for the new activity.
7. Enter values in the fields for the activity.
8. Click Save.
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