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Summary of REST Resources and Requests Through My webMethods Server
My webMethods Server provides REST requests that can be applied to the following Task Engine resources:
Task Instances
Deletes an instance of a task on the Task Engine.
Returns the TaskInfo object, and optionally the TaskData object, for a specified task.
Creates a new task instance and adds it to the Task Engine queue.
Modifies a task instance on the Task Engines.
Retrieves tasks that match simple search criteria.
Retrieves tasks that are specified with more complex search criteria.
Task Audit Information
Returns the audit log of all of the operations performed on a task, or a specific audit entry.
Enables you to roll back the task to any available audit point in the task's audit history.
Notifies a waiting step in a task workflow that the workflow is completed.
Task Comments
Deletes the specified task comment from a task instance as well as all associated attachments.
Returns either a specific comment or all the comments in a task instance including associated attachments.
Updates a comment in a task instance, including attachments associated with the comment.
Adds a comment to a task instance. Attachments can be included.
Task Attachments
Deletes the specified task attachment from a task instance.
Returns all the attachments in a task instance.
Updates the specified task attachment in a task instance.
Adds the specified attachment to a task instance.
*To retrieve the details of a task instance with ID 7565, make the following REST call to the Task Engine through the My webMethods Server running on the local machine:
GET /rest/pub/opentask?taskID=7565
*To post a JSON document as task attachment:
POST /rest/pub/opentask/taskID/attachments
Sample JSON document Content: