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DELETE a Task Instance
This REST request deletes an instance of a task on the Task Engine.
The HTTP request is formed as follows:
DELETE /rest/pub/opentask/taskID[?user=value]
DELETE /rest/pub/opentask?taskID=taskID[&user=value]
Input Parameters
String The ID that identifies the task that you want to delete.
String Optional. The user ID of the My webMethods Server user on whose behalf this operation executes.
If user is not specified, the administrative user ID under which your client program logged on is used.
Output Parameters
Usage Notes
To delete a task using this operation, you must supply the ID of the task that you want to delete. To obtain this ID, use the searchTasks operation to locate the task and then extract the task ID from the result set that the searchTasks operation returns.
To delete a task successfully, the user ID in user must have permission to access the specified task. If the supplied ID does not have access to the task, or if the specified task does not exist, an exception is thrown.