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GET or POST a Form Flow Notification
This REST request notifies a waiting step in a task workflow that the workflow is completed.
For example, when the final task step in a task workflow completes, that step waits for notification. However, in this case there are no more steps in the workflow to notify the waiting step. You can configure a following process service activity step to call this service and pass a result to the waiting step that indicates the workflow is complete. This enables the process to execute to completion.
For more information about task workflows, see “Working with Task Workflows” in the webMethods BPM Task Development Help.
Use this HTTP request if no optional parameters are required:
GET /rest/pub/opentask/formFlowNotify/correlationID
Use this HTTP request if you want to include optional parameters in the request body:
POST /rest/pub/opentask/formFlowNotify/correlationID
Input Parameters
String Use a task workflow correlation ID to synchronize the communication between the waiting step and the notifying step. This ensures correct data flow through the process. You can define any value but the task workflow correlation ID must be unique within the Process Engine environment.
The task workflow correlation ID is completely different from and unrelated to the standard document correlation ID often used in process implementation.
String Optional. Set to:
*true if the service is not being used in a cluster environment.
*false (default) if the service is being used in a clustered environment.
String Optional. This can be any value to be passed back to the waiting component. Typically, you use this field to pass a status code to the waiting step to indicate the end of the workflow, which enables the waiting step to take an action upon receiving the result.
Output Parameters
Usage Notes
Technically, you can also use this service within a workflow to notify a waiting task activity that the next task activity in the workflow is instantiated. However, the Java API com.webmethods.portal.service.task.ITaskFormFlowService is recommended for this task. To read the Java docs for this component, see the webMethods CAF and My webMethods Server Java API Reference, available from the Software AG Documentation web site under My webMethods Server in the corresponding webMethods Product Suite release number.
Sample Code Available
For more information about implementing a task workflow, you can examine and deploy a sample task application, process model, and Integration Server package that support a very simple loan application process. You can find the task workflow code samples on the Software AG Community web site.
A description of the sample code and its behavior can be found in the topic “Working with Task Workflows” in the webMethods BPM Task Development Help.