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Customizing the My Inbox and Task Type Inbox Results List
You can customize the results list in My Inbox and in a task type inbox to suit your needs. Note that the default results display for a task type inbox (as well as the available columns and other preferences) can be customized at design time by the task type developer. Therefore, the available preferences may vary from one task type inbox to another.
*To customize the task results list
1. Do one of the following:
*To customize the My Inbox task results list, click Properties in the Inbox window menu.
*To customize a task type inbox task results list, click Properties in the Task Results window menu.
2. Click the Preferences tab to specify:
*Number of Rows to Display—select from 10, 20, 50, 100, or Show all. Note that larger numbers of rows (and especially Show All) may cause slower response times when accessing the inbox.
*Sort by—select from any of the available display columns to set the default column for sorting the results list. Although it is not required, verify that the selected column is selected for display in the Selected Columns list. For more information about sorting the results list, see Sorting Tasks in the Task Inboxes.
*Sort Order—Ascending or Descending.
*Column Display—Move the columns you want to view into the Selected Columns list, or remove columns by moving them to the Available Columns list. Use the up and down arrows to reposition the columns in the Selected Columns list.
You must have the Task ID column displayed in the results list to be able to open a task. You can also open a task from the Custom ID column, but this value may not be populated for every task.
3. Click Save.