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Administering Task Types
Administrative Considerations for Task Publishing
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Deleting a Task Type from My webMethods Server
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Modifying Task Types in My webMethods Server
About Task Type Rules and Events
Administering Task Types with Date/Time Events
When a task type developer creates a task type within Software AG Designer, the developer creates what is essentially a template for a particular kind of human activity that will be carried out at run time— for example, approving an order, or configuring a new employee's computer.
These task types can be used within a process, also developed in Designer. The task type developer can also create stand-alone task types that can be published to My webMethods Server. Within the My webMethods Server run-time environment, tasks can be started from these stand-alone task types as often as necessary. For information about creating and modifying task types, see Software AG Designer Online Help.
When the task type developer modifies a task type that already exists on My webMethods Server and then re-publishes the task type (or a process that contains it) from Designer to My webMethods Server, the current task type in My webMethods Server is overwritten with the modified portions of the republished task type. It is important to note that any changes made in My webMethods to the modified portions of the task type will be overwritten when the task type is re-published. For more information about this behavior, see About Optimized Task Type Publishing and Considerations When Publishing Task Types with Duplicate Names.
The Task Engine Administration portion of My webMethods enables you to manage, modify, and delete the task types available on My webMethods Server.