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About the Collaboration Tab
The Collaboration tab enables users to add, modify, and delete comments and attachments in a task. For more information about working with collaboration tasks, see Working with Collaboration Tasks. The following controls are available:
*A formatted message panel for displaying any JSF context messages.
*A Process Information panel that displays the following information about the collaboration process associated with the task (the collaboration process is not created until the first collaboration task is completed):
*Name—name of the collaboration process (editable).
*Created By—name of the user that created the first collaboration task, thereby creating the collaboration process.
*Last Modified By—name of the user who last modified the process or any of its contents.
*Created Date—date and time the collaboration process was created.
*Last Modified Date—date and time the collaboration process was last modified. This field also displays a duration value showing the total time the collaboration process has been running.
*Status—status of the collaboration process.
The following buttons are provided on the Process Information panel:
*Open Details—opens the Process Detail page which displays a graphic representation of the collaboration process, as well as tabbed information displays of Process Info, Step Info, Task Info, Task Audit, and Task Comments.
*Update—refreshes the process information display.
*Delete—enables the user to delete the collaboration process and all of its collaboration tasks.
*A search results tree that displays information about the parent task and all active collaboration tasks, arranged in row and column format.
The following buttons are provided:
*Create Child Task—Opens the New Collaboration Task dialog box.
*Assign To—enables the collaboration process owner to assign a selected collaboration task to one or more users, groups, or roles.
*Set Status—enables the collaboration process owner to set the status of a selected collaboration task.
*Delete—enables the collaboration process owner to delete a selected collaboration task.
*Return—returns the user to the previous page.