This element specifies that only the shadow document is to be stored in Tamino but not the original document that the shadow document represents. Instead, a BLOB of 0 bytes is stored in conjunction with the original content type. Queries that use plain URL addressing to attempt to retrieve the original document will receive an HTTP status response 404 (not found); XQuery queries that use the serialization method ino:document will also receive response 404.

The original document can be stored in an external system (for example, a file system) under a name which is then used as the document name (ino:docname) when storing the shadow XML document in Tamino.

The use of tsd:storeShadowOnly allows the original document to be indexed in Tamino although it is located outside Tamino.

The tsd:storeShadowOnly element cannot be added or removed during a schema update.

Parent element tsd:shadowXML
Child elements None
Attributes None
Type Empty


This example shows how to define that only the shadow document should be stored, and not the original document itself:

        <tsd:doctype name="...">
          ... logical and physical properties ...