This element establishes a connection between a schema and a shadow function in order to improve the integration of non-XML data in Tamino. A shadow document contains an XML representation which is generated from the non-XML data by the shadow function. Therefore a shadow document can be accessed using X-Query or XQuery, just as XML data are accessed.

This technique allows efficient indexing of non-XML data.

A shadow function is just a special kind of Server Extension. Depending on whether it caters for text data or binary data, this shadow function can be defined using the tsd:onBinaryInsert or tsd:onTextInsert child elements.

For more information on shadow functions, see:

Parent element


Child elements tsd:onBinaryInsert, tsd:onTextInsert, tsd:storeShadowOnly
Attributes None
Restrictions At least one of the child elements tsd:onBinaryInsert or tsd:onTextInsert must be present.


This example illustrates the definition of an index for non-XML data using a shadow document that is maintained by the Server Extensions SXSBinaryIndexer.put and SXSTextIndexer.put in TSD:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="windows-1252"?>
<xs:schema elementFormDefault="qualified"
      <tsd:schemaInfo name="nox">
        <tsd:collection name="nox" />
        <tsd:doctype name="nox">
  <xs:element name="blob">