Purpose This element specifies strength information, i.e. the level of comparison to apply for collation.
Parent element tsd:collation
Child elements None
Attributes value
Name Type Description
value xs:NMTOKEN

Valid values for the value attribute are:

  • "primary"
    Level 1: base character comparison, e.g., "a" < "b".

  • "secondary"
    Level 2: accents on characters are compared, e.g. "as" < "às" < "at".

  • "tertiary"
    Level 3 (default): uppercase and lowercase characters are compared, e.g. "ao" < "Ao" < "aò". This is ignored if a difference is found on level 1 or level 2.

  • "quaternary"
    Level 4: distinguish word with and without punctuation, e.g. "ab" < "a-b" < "aB". This is ignored if a difference is found on level 1-3, and should be used only if a distinction based on punctuation is required.

  • "identical"
    Level 5: Used if levels 1-4 yield identical results. The Unicode point values are compared. Note that this level of comparison can impact performance negatively.

This is the default root locale, i.e. the default collation attribute value according to the Unicode Collation Algorithm. However, this may be different if a specific language/locale is specified. For more information, refer to tsd:collation and to the collation documentation in the XML Schema User Guide.


See under tsd:collation.