Class SXSSecurityManager

  extended by java.lang.SecurityManager
      extended by com.softwareag.ino.sxs.SXSSecurityManager

public class SXSSecurityManager
extends java.lang.SecurityManager

The extension security manager restricts Java extensions from performing actions that may affect the availability of the JVM for other users.

Field Summary
static boolean isActive
          Is true if this security manager is active
Method Summary
 void checkPermission( perm)
          Checks if this permission can be given to Java extensions.
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Field Detail


public static boolean isActive
Is true if this security manager is active

Method Detail


public void checkPermission( perm)
                     throws java.lang.SecurityException
Checks if this permission can be given to Java extensions.

extensions must not exit the JVM, set the security manager, change standard IO streams, stop system threads and are not given security permissions (except getPolicy, getProperty, putProviderProperty and insertProvider which are allowed).

checkPermission in class java.lang.SecurityManager
perm - the permission to be checked
java.lang.SecurityException - if the permission is not given to extensions