X-Machine Programming

This document gives a summary of the mechanisms available for performing low-level, HTTP-based client communication with the X-Machine. The X-Machine is a central component of the Tamino XML Server architecture. It provides many Tamino core services such as highly efficient storage and retrieval of XML and non-XML documents as well as standard query language support.

You should be familiar with the concepts of Tamino collections and schemas. For information on these subjects, refer to the document Tamino XML Schema User Guide.

This document is intended for use by application programmers who wish to develop client applications that communicate with the X-Machine using HTTP requests. Note that client applications can also use the Tamino APIs (see the appropriate product documentation) instead of HTTP requests for accessing Tamino via application programs.

This information is structured into the following sections:

Session Handling
Requests using Plain URL Addressing
Requests using X-Machine Commands
General Requests
Using Plain HTML Forms
Media Type Requirements
Character Encoding
Maintaining Tamino Indexes