Tamino XML Schema User Guide

This document describes:

  • The Tamino Schema Language;

  • How to model data so that they can be stored and retrieved using Tamino.

This document is intended for:

  • Database administrators familiar with methods of data modeling and data management tasks (for example, indexing or mapping). Their task is to create schemas and define them to the Tamino data map.

  • Application programmers intending to write programs that address Tamino schemas. They should also be familiar with the principles of schema definition.

The information in this document covers the following topics:

Introduction Contains basic information about Tamino schemas and the principles of the schema language (TSD) that underlies Tamino.
The Logical Schema A general description of TSD's logical schema. It explains how you can define elements and attributes and work with various datatypes.
The Schema Header Discusses the schema header, namely the elements:


Tamino-Specific Extensions to the Logical Schema Describes the extensions to the logical part of TSD that go above and beyond the W3C XML Schema specification.
Tamino-Specific Extensions to the Physical Schema Describes the extensions to the physical part of TSD.
Schema-Related Attributes in XML Documents Describes the xsi:type and xsi:nil elements.
Schema Operations Discusses the operations that can be performed on complete schemas, and constraints for modifying existing schemas.
Tools for the Creation of Tamino Schemas Introduces tools for working with Tamino schemas.
Appendix 1: Valid Combinations of Restricting Facets and Base Datatypes Contains information about the facets that are applicable for each datatype.
Appendix 2: Language and Country Codes Contains information about supported language and country codes.
Appendix 3: Examples Contains some example schemas.
Appendix 4: Example Schemas for Indexing Presents some example schemas for indexing.

There is also reference documentation for the TSD elements that are similar to the elements defined in the W3C XML Schema, and for TSD's extensions to the W3C XML Schema standard:

TSD Logical: Definitions Reference information for all TSD language elements that belong to the xs: namespace.
Tamino Extensions to XML Schema: List of Elements and Attributes Reference information for all TSD language elements that belong to the tsd: namespace.