EntireX and your XML Applications

The EntireX documentation contains the following XML-related topics:

XML/SOAP Wrapper

The EntireX XML/SOAP Wrapper enables XML-based communication to EntireX/Natural RPC servers and communication from EntireX/Natural RPC clients to XML-based servers. graphics/toc_closed.png More info

RPC Server for XML/SOAP

The EntireX RPC Server for XML/SOAP allows RPC clients to communicate with target servers via HTTP(S). The RPC Server for XML/SOAP transforms RPC client calls into XML/SOAP calls. It works together with the XML/SOAP Wrapper. graphics/toc_closed.png More info

Listener for XML/SOAP

The EntireX Listener for XML/SOAP runs in a servlet-enabled Web server with an installation of the Software AG Web Services Stack. It plugs the Web service's archives (Designer file with extension .aar) into Web servers. Typically the Web service clients access the Listener for XML/SOAP and send/receive XML/SOAP documents using HTTP/HTTPS. graphics/toc_closed.png More info

XML Mapping Editor

The EntireX XML Mapping Editor allows you to map XML document structures to IDL libraries, programs and parameters. The mappings can be defined for the request and response to the server application, or from the server to the client. The input for the XML Mapping Editor can be a Software AG IDL file and/or an IDL-XML mapping file (perhaps produced by a previous XML Mapping Editor session or by importing a WSDL file, XML Document or XML Schema). The output is an IDL-XML mapping file, other XML structure definitions (such as sample XML files), and perhaps a created or changed IDL file. graphics/toc_closed.png More info

IDL Extractor for XML Document

The Software AG IDL Extractor for XML Document generates an IDL File and a related XML mapping file (XMM) from a given XML document. graphics/toc_closed.png More info

IDL Extractor for XML Schema

The Software AG IDL Extractor for XML Schema generates an IDL File and a related XML mapping file (XMM) from given XML schema files. graphics/toc_closed.png More info

See also Designer.