Message Class 0002 - EntireX ACI - User does not Exist

This page describes messages with message class 0002. The messages have the format:


where 0002 is the message class, and
nnnn is the message number in the range 0000 - 9999.

The user has not interacted with EntireX Broker during the time determined either by SERVER-NONACT or CLIENT-NONACT. When the determined time has passed, all resources allocated to the user are released. All conversations are lost.

00020002 User Does Not Exist

The user cannot be found. Users are added to EntireX Broker's internal structures when the first REGISTER (for servers) or the first SEND operation (for clients) is executed. This response is returned when:

  1. The time determined in the attribute file for CLIENT-NONACT or SERVER-NONACT has elapsed since the last call of the user.

  2. A server has not issued a REGISTER call as the first action.

  3. A client has not started a conversation (SEND with CONV-ID=NEW) or a non-conversational request (SEND with CONV-ID=NONE) as the first action.


For situation 1, contact the administrator to check the values supplied for CLIENT-NONACT or SERVER-NONACT. They may have to be increased. However, be sure not to supply too high a value, as this can lead to resources being used for a long period of time.
Situations 2 and 3 are user errors. Check the program and correct the error.