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Configuring OneData Database Connections
Configuring JDBC Connections
Configuring Apache Hive Connections for Big Data
Configuring Integration Server Connections
In OneData Connection Manager, you can configure two types of connections: JDBC and Integration Server. A JDBC connection connects OneData to either a remote and internal relational database or a big data source. An Integration Server connection connects to Integration Server.
JDBC connections consist of internally defined OneData connections and user-defined connections. OneData JDBC connections include two connections, which you cannot delete:
*STG to connect to the work area.
*PRD connection to the release area.
The Connection Manager displays the status of connections to remote databases and Integration Server. To configure the connections to JDBC, see Configuring JDBC Connections. To configure connections to Integration Server, see Configuring Integration Server Connections. To configure secure SSL connections, see Configuring SSL in OneData .

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