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Configuring JDBC Connections
Use the Connection Manager to configure JDBC connections to link OneData to a database.
* To configure database connections
1. On the Menu toolbar, select Administer > System > Connection Manager.
2. In the Connection Type drop down, select JDBC.
3. Do one of the following:
*Click Add Connection to add a new connection.
*Click the Edit icon to edit an existing connection.
4. Configure the connection details, using the following table as a guide:
Connection Name
Mandatory. Unique connection name, 100 characters or less. The name can include spaces.
Description of how the connection is used. Optional.
Connection Type
Displays the connection type selected in the previous screen.
5. Configure the connection parameters, using the following table as a guide:
Mandatory. The relational database engine. Currently supported databases are Oracle, IBM U2, MS SQL Server, Informix, My SQL, Sybase, Teradata and DB2.
Database Version
Database version. Optional.
Connection Type
Mandatory. The connection type, either a direct connection or connection pool.
Application Server
Mandatory. Application server type.
Application Server Version
Mandatory. Application server version.
Connection String/ Data Source Name
The connection string to connect to the database. Use the syntax that corresponds to the type of connection:
*DataDirect Oracle drivers: Add the catalogOptions property to the database URL for all connections except metadata connections. This is required so that OneData can use the database metadata functionality to read table structures while working with the DataDirect Oracle JDBC Driver. Use the syntax: jdbc:wm:oracle://server:{1521|port}; serviceName=service;[option=value], for example, jdbc:wm:oracle://localhost:1521;serviceName=XE; catalogOptions=1.
*DataDirect SQL Server: jdbc:wm:sqlserver://server: {1433|port};databaseName=database;[option=value]
*DataDirect DB2 for Linux, Unix and Windows: jdbc:wm:db2://server:{50000|port};databaseName=database;[option=value]
*For connection pools, use the JNDI name of the connection pool, for example, jndi/dfiec. Sample connection pool URLs for different connections are given below:
Note: prefix in below sample URLs is the connection prefix specified during installation.
For Work Area Connection: java:comp/env/jdbc/prefixwa
For Release Area Connection: java:comp/env/jdbc/prefixra
For other connections: java:comp/env/jdbc/conn_name where jdbc/conn_name is the name of the connection pool created in the context.xml file of the OneData installation for the particular connection.
Note: If the connection pool is not already configured in the application server, you must restart OneData to implement the changes.
Driver Class
The driver class for the connection. Software AG recommends using DataDirect JDBC drivers for JDBC connections. Using this single driver library, you can connect to different databases. For direct connections, use the corresponding database driver:
*SQL Server: com.wm.dd.jdbc.sqlserver.SQLServerDriver
*DB2 for Linux, Unix and Windows: com.wm.dd.jdbc.db2.DB2Driver
User ID to connect to the database. For connection pools only. Optional.
Password of User ID. For connection pools. Optional.
Schema Name (If different from User-ID)
The schema name if it is different from User-ID. For example, in Oracle, the schema name and User-ID are the same; in DB2, the schema name is different from the User-ID.
Target Server Name
Name of the target server. Information purposes only.
Associated Hook
The hook to be executed at connection logon.
6. Click Save to save the new connection. Click Test Connection to verify the connection details.
Note: OneData automatically tests the connection upon save. You can also test the connection from the main Connection Manager screen.

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