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OneData Anywhere
Implementing the OneData Anywhere Link
Configuring OneData Anywhere Presentation
Using the Tabbed Browsing in OneData Anywhere
Requesting a Data Change
The OneData Anywhere feature provides the ability to integrate OneData data management screens into an external system to deliver a seamless, integrated solution. The OneData Anywhere link can be used in an external system to transparently display an object within the application as an iFrame or in a separate web page. This feature also provides a secure option for granting external users access to only specific data objects without logging on OneData.
Note: OneData Anywhere is a separately licensed module, not included in the core package.
In the OneData Anywhere link field, the Enable tabbed browsing property displays data objects in tabs in the external application (when objects are defined to use Flex mode). Tabbed browsing is not available for conceptual objects. Each tab in the browser window allows the user to select a different object to view.
The OneData Anywhere server handles the request and transparently executes user commands within the external application. Through the plug-in feature, users can filter and view records through a modified Data Manager screen, within the external application.
For an external user to access the OneData objects, the administrator must define the Anonymous User field in the Home Page Portal system properties (Administer > System > System Properties). This field specifies the logon ID for users attempting to access OneData objects through clickable and OneData Anywhere links. The anonymous user does not need a password to access the links.
For more information about configuring Home Page Portal properties, see Administering webMethods OneData.

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