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Configuring OneData Anywhere Presentation
You can configure the screen dimensions and display mode of OneData when it is integrated within another application. By default, an integrated OneData Anywhere screen displays at a resolution slightly smaller than 1024 x 768. If the external system uses a smaller screen resolution than OneData, OneData screens may display a scroll bars.
To control the size of an integrated OneData screen, you can hard-code or dynamically generate the screen dimensions in the OneData iFrame so that OneData always fits within the external application’s screen size.
By default, OneData Anywhere displays objects in Flex mode. However, you can specify the link display objects in Nova-Echo mode by adding &isNovaEcho=true to the end of the OneData Anywhere link. In Nova-echo mode, OneData displays the following screen toolbar:
Parameter/ Icon
Enable Advanced Filtering ( )
Display Advanced Filtering options for the object.
Help ()
Loads the Help screen of OneData Anywhere.
Number of Rows
The number of rows to be displayed per page.
* To configure OneData Anywhere display resolution
1. In a text editor, open the HTML page that contains the OneData Anywhere link.
2. Configure the screen resolution with a set value or a dynamically generated one:
*To fix the screen resolution, add the screen height and width dimensions in pixels to the end of the OneData Anywhere link, as follows: <OneData Anywhere link>&height=440&width=640
*To generate the screen dimensions dynamically, use the following code in the IFrame web page:
// the following parameters can be edited to customize how
// OneData Anywhere IFRAME displays on your page
var iframeWidth ='100%';
var iframeHeight = '55%';
// do not edit below this line
var iframeId = 'OneData Anywhere';
var iframe = document.createElement('IFRAME'); = iframeId;
iframe.width = iframeWidth;
iframe.height = iframeHeight;
iframe.src = '<OneData Anywhere link>'+
3. Save and close the HTML page.

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