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Implementing the OneData Anywhere Link
The OneData Anywhere link grants an anonymous user read-only access to an object without a OneData account. To allow the external user to download data, provide the user with the user ID specified in the system property Anonymous User.
The OneData Anywhere link displays objects in Flex mode, by default. Flex mode allows the Enable tabbed browsing feature which displays each object, selectable from a populated drop-down list, in a separate tab. The OneData Anywhere link encodes the setting in the URL address.
You can choose to display the objects in Nova-echo mode instead. The Nova-echo display mode provides the underlying enhanced framework with capabilities such as QBE filtering and freezing headers. The integrated OneData Anywhere Flex mode uses tabbed object browsing, if enabled.
OneData Anywhere Nova-echo display mode allows record filtering and the ability to save filters. Users can also download all or a subset of records, choose which columns to download, and choose the output format, as Excel, html, pdf or a delimited file.
* To determine the OneData Anywhere link for an object
1. On the Menu toolbar, click Manage > Manage Data or View > Browse.
2. Navigate to the object you want to view.
3. Select the menu option that corresponds to the display mode:
*In Default mode. Click the Advanced Definition tab.
*In Nova mode. Click View > Definition.
4. In the OneData Anywhere Link field, customize the link to control the display mode:
*To enable tabbed browsing for objects in Flex mode, select Enable tabbed browsing.
*To display objects in Nova-Echo mode and enable record filtering and download, add the display mode command to the end of the OneData Anywhere link: &isNovaEcho=true
Note: Ensure that you have set the preferred display settings before you capture the link address. When OneData generates the link, it encodes the setting for tabbed browsing within the hyperlink address.
5. Select and copy the original or customized OneData Anywhere link.
6. Paste the link in the relevant web page of your external system.

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