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Creating the Deep Link Filter
To create the customized deep link filter, ensure that you use the correct format for the values in the search columns, and follow the rules and restrictions for using the logical operators if searching on more than one column. For more information about deep links, see Deep Link Filter Syntax.
* To customize a deep link with a filter
1. Complete the steps in Accessing an Object’s Deep Link to obtain an object’s deep link.
2. Add a filter parameter to the end of the deep link URL, using the following syntax:
?filter=[Column Name]=[value]
The full deep link syntax is:
http://hostname:port/onedata/dmdirect/repository/project/DO/Objectname?filter= Column_Name=value
Note: Use only the physical names of objects and columns.
3. Embed the deep link URL with the filter condition in the required destination.
Note: OneData regenerates the link every time the screen is refreshed. The filter specified in the deep link URL is not retained the next time the object is accessed.

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