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Using Deep Links
Accessing an Object’s Deep Link
Customizing Deep Links
Creating the Deep Link Filter
The OneData deep link feature enables you to access the data manager functions from an external application. The deep link routes users to the Data Manager screen in the work area in Nova mode, and displays the menu options that correspond to the user’s security privileges.
To access the deep link, users must provide log on credentials. If SSO is configured and there is already an active OneData browser session, the deep link directs users to the Data Manager screen without requiring the user to re-enter log on credentials.
For more information on SSO, see Administering webMethods OneData.
When using deep links, OneData displays:
*The Data Manager screen that corresponds to the user account privileges. If the user does not have privileges to access the work area, OneData directs the user to the release area.
*The Deep Link Filter screen in Nova mode only. Therefore network and self-recursive structures in conceptual objects are not supported in deep links, because these types of objects can be viewed either in default mode or flex mode only.
The structure of the deep link is as follows:
The following table describes the deep link parameters.
Name of server on which OneData is deployed.
Port on which OneData is deployed (optional based on deployment).
Context name of OneData in the application server.
Name of the service provider bean as configured in web.XML. (This is a constant value.)
Repository ID where the object resides.
Name of the project where the object resides.
The type of object. Valid values are:
*CO—Conceptual object.
*DO—Data object.
Name of the data or conceptual object

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