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Deep Link Filter Syntax
Create the customized deep link by appending the filter to the end of the deep link URL using the syntax: ?filter=[Column Name]=[value].
The name of the object must be the physical table name and the column must be the column name. However, if the column is a reference column, you must use the constraint name instead of the physical name. The format of the search value must comply with the syntax of the column’s data type.
The following table describes the format to use for the value by data type.
Data Type
None. For example: EMPLOYEE_ID=120
Enclose string values that contain spaces within quotes, for example:
Enclose dates within quotes using the format YYYY-MM-DD, for example: EMPLOYEE_DOB=“1984-12-31”
Enclose timestamps within quotes using the format YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS.sssssssss, for example: EMPLOYEE_DOJ=“2007-03-01 10:30:30.0”
Note: You must specify at least one digit in the millisecond field (sssssssss).
For example, to search for records in the Employee data object where the last name (last_name) is Smith, the deep link filter would be as follows:

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