SWIFT Module 7.1 SP10.July 2020 | Configuring SWIFT Module for Message Exchange over SAA | Using SAA to Exchange XML v2 Wrapped MT and MX Messages | Exchanging MT Messages in XMLv2 Format | Step 2: Create Trading Networks Assets | Viewing Trading Networks Assets for an MT Message | Viewing Details for Trading Partner Agreements
Viewing Details for Trading Partner Agreements
*To view details for TPAs for MT messages
1. Follow the instructions for viewing TPAs as described in webMethods Trading Networks Administrator’s Guide.
2. From the Agreements list, click the MT message document type that you want to view (for example, fin.535).
3. In the Agreement Details screen, view the following important details for the default TPA, generated by the wm.xmlv2.dev:createSWIFTItemsservice when the createTPA parameter in this service is set to true:
Specifies the partner that has the sending role in the TPA.The default value is Unknown.
Specifies the partner that has the receiving role in the TPA. The default value is Unknown.
Agreement ID
Uniquely identifies the type of agreement between two partners, for example, fin.535.
IS document type
Specifies the data that you define in the TPA for processing the MT message document type. The default value is wm.xmlv2.doc:XMLV2Params. This IS document contains three main sections:
IS Doc Section
This section consists of the following parameters:
*Transport. The transport to use for sending the Data PDU document to SAA. Select MQ or AFT.
*MTProcessInfo. Supports backward compatibility for MT messaging in a SWIFT FIN 6.1 TPA. For more information, see webMethods SWIFT FIN Module Installation and User's Guide 6.1.
*MXProcessInfo. The validation to perform on the MX message:
*Validate. Validate the MX message.
*SchemaValidation. Perform a schema validation.
*NonSchemaValidation. Perform a non-schema (extended) validation.
For details about these parameters, see Process Information Section of the XMLv2 Parameters Document.
*ns:Message. Contains SWIFT-specific information required for sending the message to SAA. For more information, see sample service, wm.xmlv2.MT.maps:mapDataPDU.
For more information, see Modifying the TPA.
Indicates that the TPA is for an MT message document type, for example, TPA for fin.535.
For information about the other fields in the Agreement Details screen of the TPA, see webMethods Trading Networks Administrator’s Guide.